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Emergency School Closings

DSC (Database Systems Corp.) is a leading provider of voice broadcast systems and outsourcing services. Our calling services use our own managed call centers that are ideally suited for providing emergency notifications for schools and educational facilities.

These calling services can be used to notify staff members, parents and students alike of any type of emergency including school closures and emergency school notifications.

One of the more common applications of this emergency school alert system is to contact students and parents whenever a school or an entire district is closed due to severe weather. When your school administrators decide to close a school or district because of severe weather, our service can provide immediate notification to the various parties affected by this closure.

Register Online And Save!

DSC now provides an online signup for both non-profit and business organizations wishing to use our emergency voice broadcasting outsourcing services. Signup is easy and can be accomplished in just a few minutes! Our competitive rates are affordable, even for the smallest calling campaign.

Start Calling In Just Minutes!. Using our new online signup lets you get started immediately with your calling campaign. Simply create an account and agree to our standard terms and conditions. Then download your list of phone numbers and record a message. We accept major credit cards and for as little as $25, you can begin calling. Its that simple!

Both emergency and non-emergency voice broadcasting services can be provided by DSC.

To register online, click on the the online registration image or button on the right.

Contact DSC and subscribe to our emergency school closing announcement service.

Julian Union High School

emergency school closings

"At Julian we have some of the most caring, trained, and motivating staff in the country. We are proud to say that our standardized test scores are among the tops in San Diego County and in the state. We have an extremely safe environment along with one of the most beautiful settings a school can have. We have state of the art equipment and facilities which allows our students to be educated in almost any area they want." - julianhs.sdcoe.net

Julian Union High School currently utilizes our school announcement phone services to notify school members and faculty in the event of any emergency that may arise including school closings, severe weather, or other catastrophes.

How Does Our Emergency Service Work?

Emergency school notification using our emergency phone dialers and service involves the transmission of a recorded phone message to hundreds or thousands of individuals in a short period of time. As the administrator of an emergency notification center, it is important to do the following:

  • Create A Clear and Concise Phone Message

    During an emergency, it is important that your recorded phone message convey the information and instructions that you desire - no more and no less. Generally a 30 second message is considered the optimum length. If additional information needs to be conveyed, provide the call recipient with touchphone options to select from a menu or simply provide a contact number. Playing a long message may confuse the call recipient and diminish the importance of the emergency.

    School alert messages can be recorded offline and uploaded over the internet. DSC also provides an 800 number to call and record the message over the phone.

  • Create A List of Call Recipients

    It is of important that the emergency message be delivered to the right audience. In many cases, your targeted group of message recipients has been predefined (faculty, parents, students, etc.). A specific emergency may require the building of this list based upon geographic or demographic requirements.

    Emergency call lists can be stored on our phone system or call lists can be created from a master list of community residents by the administrator during the alert.

  • Initiate The Emergency Phone Broadcast

    Once the message has been created and the list of recipients identified, the emergency voice broadcast can be initiated.

    Our emergency notification process can be initiated over the internet using a secure administrative process. Likewise, emergency messages can be initiated over the phone using a touchphone keypad.

Initiate An Emergency Broadcast By Phone

Database Systems Corp. provides an easy method of initiating emergency broadcasts if you don't have an immediate internet connection. To initiate an emergency voice broadcast, DSC provides an 800 number that lets you record your message over the phone, select the list of recipients of this message, and start the broadcast. This is all performed using the telephone keypad.

It's that simple and your students and parents will be notified within minutes after the decision is made to close your school.

Additional Information

Contact Us Today to learn more about our emergency school closing announcement services and systems.

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